Friday, January 20, 2017

Project Due 6 March

Advanced Latin: Prose NAME:_____________________________
Magister Milliken
Project: Roman Oratory
Due: 6 March 2017

Compose a Roman style oration, either prosecuting or defending in one of the cases below.  Follow the format on the attached sheet (labeling the sections of your speech), and try to employ Ciceronian techniques such as: tricolon crescens, praeteritio, rhetorical questions, impersonation (as when “the republic” addresses Catalina, or “Appius Claudius” addresses Clodia), indignant interjection (“O tempora! O mores!”), figurative language (as when Cicero compares Catalina’s conspiracy to a disease attacking the state).  Oration should be typed and double spaced, no longer than ten pages, but long enough to cover the topic adequately and follow the guidelines above.

(NB – You will have to do some research; list sources in a “Works Cited” page according to MLA format.)

Due Date:  6 March 2017

Possible topics – prosecuting or defending

1) Tiberius or Gaius Gracchus for fomenting revolution

2) Caesar for starting an illegal war in Gaul

3) Caesar for initiating civil war when he crossed the Rubicon

4) Caesar for wanting to make himself a king

5) Mark Antony for treason in making an alliance with Cleopatra

6) Cicero for executing the followers of Catalina without trial

7) Brutus and Cassius for the murder of Caesar

8) Emperor Caligula for mental incompetence

9) Emperor Claudius for overall incompetence

10) Emperor Nero for burning Rome

11) The Christian community for burning Rome

12) Jesus of Nazareth for claiming the title “King of the Jews”

13) Paul of Tarsus (St. Paul) for creating civil discord

14) Pontius Pilatus for incompetence in handling the case of Jesus of Nazareth

15) Another topic from Roman history with approval from me

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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