Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Report to Multi-Purpose Room/Senior Lounge for exam 1st period Thursday, 16 March

Latin III-IV Prose 

Cicero delivering a Phillipic
1. A 
2. C 
3. D 
4. B 
5. B 
6. D 
7. C 
8. C 
9. B 
10. D 
11. C 
12. C 
13. B 
14. B 
15. D 
16. A 
17. D 
18. B 
19. B 
20. D 
21. A 
22. C 
23. A 
24. A 
25. D 
26. B 
27. A 
28. D 
29. A 
30. D 
31. B 
32. C 
33. A 
34. B 
35. C 
36. C 
37. B 
38. B 
39. A 
40. C 


You all feel one thing, you are eager for one thing, to turn aside the efforts of Marcus Antonius from the Republic, to put out his madness, to crush his boldness… The time has come, Romans, altogether later than was worthy for the Roman people, but nevertheless so overdue that it is not able to be put aside by an hour. There was some unavoidable misfortune, as I will thus speak, which we have tolerated in whatever way it had to be tolerated; now if there will be any (misfortune), it will be of our own choice. It is not divine right that the Roman people be slaves, whom the immortal gods have wished to rule over all races… Either it is right that you conquer, Romans, that which assuredly you will attain because of both your loyalty and such great unity, or (that you do) whatever you want rather than be slaves. Other nations are able to endure servitude, liberty is the property of the Roman people.

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