Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NLE 2016 Key Latin III

Report to Multi-Purpose Room/Senior Lounge for exam 1st period Thursday, 16 March

Latin III 

Roman Women
1. B 
2. A 
3. C 
4. C 
5. B 
6. D 
7. C 
8. A 
9. D 
10. B 
11. C 
12. D 
13. D 
14. D 
15. C 
16. B 
17. A 
18. D 
19. A 
20. A 
21. B 
22. A 
23. B 
24. D 
25. C 
26. A 
27. B 
28. C 
29. B 
30. B 
31. B 
32. A 
33. D 
34. D 
35. A 
36. D 
37. B 
38. D 
39. B 
40. C 


Once upon a time at Rome a small matter, which happened among the dangers of great wars, was the cause of a great struggle. Two tribunes wanted to repeal the Oppian Law. This law ordered that not any woman have more gold than a half ounce and that she not use (wear) multicolored clothing, and that she not travel by carriage in the city unless for the sake of public sacrifices. The Capitoline Hill was being filled with a crowd of men favoring and of men opposing the law. Women were able to be kept in their homes neither by any authority nor by modesty, nor by command of their husbands. They were blocking all roads of the city and approaches into the Forum. The mob of women was being increased daily; for they were also coming together from small Copyright © 2016 by the National Latin Exam Continued on the back towns. The consul M. Porcius Cato said these words: “Men, if each of you had retained the power of the husband over his wife, we would have less trouble with these women. With this law repealed, what will they not try?” Valerius, one of the tribunes, spoke in opposition: “The Republic is now in a better situation. Elegance and adornment and culture are the insignia of women; let them rejoice and glory in these things.” The law was repealed!

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